A Morning In Nottingham

So today I was Nottingham bound as I like to say for the morning… and well, let’s say it was an experience that I’m so grateful I left myself loads of spare time for!

I was invited to go to a recruitment agency today to help further my career and take a step forward towards working for another company and they are based in Beeston. I now have learnt – there’s a train station in Beeston! So my morning was eventful as you can probably already guess.

So let’s start from moment 1 – the wake up & reaching Leicester train station!

Nottingham Morning OOTD

So having my outfit prepared last night (thankfully and was so happy I picked my Toms!), I forever managed to have a bad hair day (it really wasn’t cool). I got ready, ate, ensured I had everything etc etc, and left to catch the bus. Now there’s always the same people at the bus stop every morning, and a college student I see regularly had her headphones in. Wait. Yep. I forgot my headphones. Great – miffed. So I suffered oblivious to the world stuck in traffic on the bus to head to the station to walk into WHSmith and buy a new pair – you would think they sold just normal headphones right not branded. Oh no, selections, varieties and different colours. I have to admit I was impressed but not when I just needed a normal pair of headphones. So I opted for the Skullcandies JIB Noise Cancelling in Black & Red – they work pretty sweet I have to say! So I got my tickets and everything etc, debated about grabbing a coffee from upstairs but thought “sod it” and headed onto the cafe on the platform. I grabbed a huge tea for Β£1.85 (was really impressed at that actually) and sat waiting as I had a good 20mins to kill.. and I burnt my tongue on the first sip. = Bad times.

Tea & Tickets

Moment 2 – debating and reality check of hmmm…

So this is where it clicked to me that maybe I shouldn’t have caught the direct train to Nottingham and the directions the lady sent me weren’t from Nottingham train station, but Beeston station. Okay, time to text mum and ask her what to do. So I sorted out my tickets and worked out what train to get and headed into Nottingham drawing along the way and keeping an eye on the guy in front as he was asleep – he kept dropping forward and sideways I felt bad for him. So arriving into Notts – I ran up the stairs, walked straight up to buy a single to Beeston and walked straight back on myself, through the barriers and down onto the same platform (just the opposite side) to get the St Pancras train there. I was pretty darn impressed at how fast I did all of that & of course, arrived into Beeston safely around 5 minutes later. Now I was super impressed.

Beeston Ticket & Station

Moment 3 – the walkies.

After arriving, it was time to pull up life-saving Google Maps and work out my way to the agency. It was actually a very peaceful walk and Beeston is such a cute and quiet area! Having taken a different way than recommended, I did a little detour to come in half way across the strip of shops and detoured into a Fair Trade shop as I had over half hour spare before I had to arrive. However when I did arrive, I was super jealous of how gorgeous the building looked. With such a nice back garden view, a gorgeous looking conversion and ideally located, I was in absolute awe.

The View

So being there was pleasant and really successful so I’m hoping for some good outcomes and a positive perspective for my future. It was a really good talk and definitely made me feel hopeful as I know how creative job hunting is tedious work.

Moment 4 – time to head back me thinks.

So after leaving, I decided to head straight back home as it was quite an eventful and early morning for me and made use of Beeston station to get myself back into a town I’m a lot more familiar with. I walked back and jumped on the St Pancras train home, taking the obligatory train selfie of course ;). But it was a pleasant and heavy travelling morning day and well, it was a morning out of Leicester to an area of Nottinghamshire I’ve never been before so it was a nice few hours to explore a little!

Time To Head Back Home


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