Summer Fruit Smoothie

So as it’s Tuesday again, my evening smoothie for today is a very summer fruity one! I thought it was good play on words considering the label of the berries box I used!


As I consistently buy fresh fruit for every smoothie it can cost quite a bit these days – surprisingly fruit is one of the most expensive things to buy (and they wonder why society can be unhealthy!) So I decided to buy frozen berries from ASDA on my last visit and they make one hell of a tasting experience in a smoothie!

So the recipe:
– 100g Frozen Summer Fruits Berries (blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries and Redcurrants)
– 200ml Mango Juice
– 150g Sliced Peaches (Tinned & Fresh)
– 50g Red Grapes

It’s made so sweet it’s actually quite healthily refreshing so I definitely would not recommend adding in honey!!Β It is very different from the taste of my normal smoothies so it’s quite nice to have a change and go for a stronger, sweeter taste!


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