A Sneak Preview

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So guys I’m majorly super psyched it’s unreal! Remember how in one of my previous blog posts I mentioned I was going to be designing cases for a company called Zing Cases? Well today I was shown the case proofs… Oh man. DO THEY LOOK SWEET OR WHAT?!

So I cannot wait to share them with you guys and I’m so excited for when I get my cases made and the collection is launched, but know that all of my illustrations that I will and have been sharing over my Instagram and blog will be available to buy in case format from http://zingcases.com!

They’re bringing out loads of new ranges with artists worldwide and each and every case is so different but looks so amazing and it’s only when you see your work printed do you truly step back and think “oh my dear lord, that’s mine!” So here goes! And just to let you all know, they’ll be available in a range of models and also coming soon in tablet forms too!

Simran Ghatt's phone cases for Zing Cases Preview

These are just some of the new ones that are on their way to you all, but I honestly cannot wait for these to be printed and be ready for all of you! Do check out their website and they are on Facebook (zingcases.com), Twitter (@zingcases) & Instagram too (@zingcases)


5 thoughts on “A Sneak Preview

    1. I tend to post my artwork on my Instagram so it helps uploading it to social media as agencies can look and get in touch with you if they think you’d suit their client! Worthwhile going for artist sharing pages too it helps increase your profile!


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