The Family Dinner OOTD


So today was a day of doodling (illustration Greeny is still in progress) and then over to the best friends and sisters partners house for dinner – hence the family dinner outfit required.

I decided to keep casual looking fairly smart and summery as the weather was gorgeous today by dressing up basic sailor colours of blue and white with gold and statement jewellery. Of course, keeping it perfectly casual, it had to be with Converses!

So the outfit: Jumper – H&M | Dungarees – H&M | Trainers – Converses | Necklace – Dorothy Perkins | Earrings – (Owls) Accessorize, (Wings) New Look, (Tragus) Ying Yang, House of David, (Top) Swarovski | Bracelets – (Wrap) Argento, (Beads) New Look


It was perfect for a casual meet up with a late lunch and dinner and tea and snacks in between but still practical enough to help around the kitchen in! (Just had to avoid using spices of course).

The accessories for today had to be my favourite combination of all though and I think, made my whole outfit an absolute winner for me today!



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