Yoggy Smoothies

So I bet you’re thinking what the hell is a yoggy smoothie? Well, it’s a smoothie with yoghurt in it for short, and it tasted so damn good today!

From working at Fuel Juice Bars last year, all smoothies had frozen yoghurt or sorbet in them and it automatically made the smoothie thicker. But I used just normal flavoured yoghurt and it made it a huge difference but still tasted just as good!


So the recipe:

– 200ml Innocent Apple & Berry Juice
– 2x Tablespoons of Vanilla Yoghurt
– 2x Tablespoons of Raspberry Yoghurt
– 3x Large Strawberries
– 1x Handful of Raspberries
– 1x Handful of Blueberries
– 1x Handful of Grapes
– 1/2 Banana
– 1/3 Tinned Peach Slices
– 15 – 20g Jordans Super Berry Granola
– 1/4 Cup of Ice

And of course, blitz until smooth!


It really did make a change from just pure fruit smoothies and made it slightly thicker but still as fruity as ever and even made it taste smoother – so it worked perfectly well for a smoothie!

It was very Berry heavy but it gave a kick to start with and began tasting more and more refreshing after every gulp! Definitely a recommendation if you haven’t already tried!


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