Networking Events – What To Wear?!


So I went along to a business networking event this morning and like every girl, I had the annoying issue of “what on Earth do I wear”. So, bringing that vibe back of smart-casual, here was my pick (& some alternatives!)

Outfit 1: Miss Selfridge Cami Jumpsuit

Simple yet effective and perfectly easy to dress up or down. This was my obvious first choice for being a whole outfit in one. Plain black with black chelsea boots (from Topshop – super comfy) and a boxy jacket with the smart feel to it being marl grey (from Forever 21 in sale), it’s a good first choice! Jumpsuits = always a winning solution when in doubt.

Outfit 1: Miss Selfridge Jumpsuit

Outfit 2: Miss Selfridge Printed Trousers

So yeah, I kind of shop at Miss Selfridge quite a lot – but I always actually get most of their stuff in sale. It always ends up coming back in fashion but if you’re like me and tend to avoid the mainstream trends (or most of them any way) it comes in handy because it’s so much easier to keep re-pairing outfits. But I loved these floral prints as they were more intricate than another pair I bought recently from Oasis and being black and white, they go with a lot! My boxy tee was from New Look and keeping it casual enough with again – the black chelsea boots, it’s a “safe” play of an outfit but works well enough (as you can do it on a night out too!)

Outfit 2: Miss Selfridge Floral Printed Bottoms

Outfit 3: TM Lewin Shirts

I am an absolute sucker for TM Lewin shirts, so when they had their ‘ 3 Shirts for £60 ‘ offer on – I was in heaven and picked up this blue one along with another black polka dot and a black silk floral printed shirt all for £60. They’re amazing quality and fit and are statement shirts perfect for when you have events like these coming up or want to go feeling more smart and professional – well I like to do so. So pairing it with the basic ribbed New Look skirt and the chelsea boots (I had already decided by this point I was definitely wearing these) was a winning combination and was my favourite colour combo of black and blue. Smart yet casual, was sure to work.

Outfit 3: TM Lewin Shirt

Outfit 4: Oasis Floral Printed Trousers

So again from before loving my Miss Selfridge trousers, I bought a pair of coloured floral printed ones from Oasis (in sale for £20 – bargain!) and thought these would be a brilliant solution. Well one of 5. Paired with a basic silk black shirt from Forever 21 and the infamous boots, it was basic enough yet smart enough for a morning event with coffee. And this entire outfit was made up of sale purchases! – Happy days.

Outfit 4: Oasis Printed Trousers

Outfit 5: Zara Workwear Leggings

So when I walked into Zara recently I regretted it instantly as I fell in love with their season collection (as always) but picked up a pair of their TRF basic work wear charcoal grey leggings. Fitted, snug and super comfortable as they are made of thick jersey, I love wearing these to work for a more relaxed approach and practical kinds of days. Paired with a brighter blue shirt I bought from New look and the boots, I thought I’d mix it up from my normal monochrome self and bring a colour pop into the morning. Again – always a good option for a meeting.

Outfit 5: Zara Workwear Leggings

The Final Pick!: A Merge Of Outfit 4 & 5 + The Boots!

Having driven my sister and partner mad trying to think of an outfit for the morning, I decided to throw together my Oasis floral bottoms and my blue New Look shirt and make it a colourful morning in 50 Shades Of Blue. Keeping it smart with the trousers and shirt but casual with the colours, it’s my winning combination for the morning paired with black boots, my marl grey Forever 21 Boxy Jacket and Accessorize Nude Shade Handbag, I was good to go!

Final Outfit!

Picking clothes for meetings is a nightmare – hence how I managed to come up with 6 different options! But it’s always easiest to play it safe with a smart-casual approach and making the most of whatever clothes you have in your wardrobe. I’m not normally a fan of always being smart and always get a little nervous with doing brighter colours (even blues) at events because it’s a little out of my comfort zone unless it’s with jeans but matching the shades always works out to be a good starting point. 

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