Hey There Smoothie!

It’s Tuesday! It’s that day again where I’m restricted to fruit only for the day = smoothie day! 🙂 I’ve begun to embrace it now, it’s making me a bit more experimental and consume the fruits I normally avoid eating because I hate the taste of them, so it’s quite helpful really!

So today’s mix – had to be altered as I ran out of my usual cranberry & raspberry juice but instead I tried Co-op’s exotic fruit juice mix – basically tropical juice with a bit of a tangier taste. It still worked out quite nice!

The Recipe:

– 250ml Exotic Fruit Juice               – 5x Big Strawberries

– 1x Handful of Raspberries           – 1x Handful of Blueberries

– 2x Plums                                             – 6-7x Tinned Peach Slices

– 1x Whole Banana                            – 2x Handfuls of Grapes

– 1/4 Cup of Ice

And then of course as normal – blitz it until smooth! It tasted super yummy and with exotic juice – a lot more fruitier and slightly tangier than usual, it added more of a kick but changed up the taste from my usual mixtures!

Smoothie 28th April 2015


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