Another day, another outfit. My choice for today? My beloved playsuit.

OOTD 22nd AprilIronically, the one I wore today is the first playsuit I ever bought. Crazy right?! But ever since, I’ve fallen in love with it! Perfect to dress smart or casual – or both, it just goes with absolutely everything and anything. (And any hair colour too)!

So, the outfit then:

– Playsuit: Fuse Fashion in House Of Fraser

– Watch: Next

– Trainers: Nike Air Flights (JD Sports)

– Jewellery: Fair Trade Shop, Nottingham

The best thing I love about playsuits – it’s an outfit in one! I’m always so fussy with what I wear. I’m always on the go and walking or running around everywhere so I always need something that’s practical for me – this does it perfect and it’s ideal for summer coming up with shorts!

With the weather being warmer I thought it was a good time to break it back out, and of course making it work suitable – pairing it with black tights was a must! It was a perfect choice for me today, it brought smart to casual and made choosing an outfit so much easier, as we all face that struggle daily!

Considering some people look at Fuse to have “weird” or “chavvy” clothing – the quality of my playsuit is perfect and it fits so ideal! As it’s a button close back with an open split – it’s so much easier to get on as there is no messing around with zips and the baggy fit of the top makes it super comfortable all the way around. And I picked it up in sale too a while ago for £5 – now that is what you call a bargain.

My jewellery I thought today was perfect – it was “Springy” enough with a floral vibe but was subtle enough to be classed as more of a “smart-wear” pairing. Picking it up from a Fairtrade shop when I visited Nottingham in November last year – I couldn’t go wrong! Being a matching set for only £12, it certainly did the job well!

OOTD 22nd April

Overall – a job well done with my whole outfit being pieces from sales, it’s a blessing to know that we don’t have to spend so much to make an outfit look good! 

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