A Dungarees Kind Of Day

So, today was one of those days I felt like taking it back about 10 maybe 15+ years and wearing my awesomely white dungarees from H&M. I kind of felt like a painter the first time I tried them on to be really honest with you.

21st April Dungarees & Burgundy

So as usual with my style – I don’t follow everyone else’s. Quite often every girl pairs a pair of block, chunky, strappy sandals with dungarees or killer heels, but I’m a more “dress-in-the-event-you-ever-have-to-run-for-the-bus” kind of person, so, I went with my vans.

I have this habit of making sure everything I wear is colour coordinated. So my colours for today were burgundy & white – with maybe some gold. 

I like to keep my outfits different but still mix them up every now and again and with the weather being brighter and warmer each day (hopefully!), now it’s all about finding the perfect jumpers to keep you warm but breezy enough to stay sane in this weather change!

So the outfit: Dungarees – H&M | Jumper – Miss Selfridge A/W 2014 | Trainers – Vans

Making it seem a bit more smarted up rather than quite “my-age” like, I paired a statement lace-style necklace I bought from a Dorothy Perkins sale last year with it and adding a third colour to mix and match it up a bit. Adding a statement ring from Argento with it and the perfectly colour coordinated bag from Aldo’s sale with it, I was all coordinated out today – and I loved it!

21st April Outfit Finer Things


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