DoubledUp Smoothies!

So today I had to fast, and for me that means I live on smoothies (twice a day now instead of once) and just drink shed loads of water, tea and milk throughout the day. But I suppose the perk of it today was, double smoothies. Result πŸ˜‰

So for my morning breakfast smoothie as we say, I thought I’d make a change and choose a juice more refreshing to keep me more awake today considering I couldn’t add my normal granola mix – opted for orange juice! Recipe below:

Morning Breakfast Smoothie 21st AprilΒ – 150ml / 200ml Fresh Orange Juice

– 7x Strawberries

– 1x Handful Of Grapes

– 1x Handful of Blueberries

– 1x Whole Banana

– 1/4 Cup Of Ice

& Then of course blitz it in the blender until it becomes a smoothie! I found it to taste quite different and lighter than normal, it was perfect as a “good-morning” wake up call on the way to work today! Of course, with me always running late – it helped to just pour it into a bottle and drink on the bus with the world looking at me like “What on Earth is she drinking?!” – it was fun!

The Tesco & Co-op shop

So with that being my morning “fix” shall we say, come 7 o’clock and it was time to make the second and last smoothie of the day. So I was smart enough to do a pre-smoothie Tesco (& Co-op) shop and pick up some more fruits as a replen. Was a good idea too, it made me try something else new! Recipe below:

– 150ml / 200ml Cranberry & Raspberry JuiceEvening Smoothie 21st April

– 7x Strawberries

– 1x Whole Banana

– 4x Segments Of Grapefruit

– 7x Peach Slices

– 2x Handfuls Of Grapes

– 1x Handful Of Raspberries

– 1/4 Cup Of Ice

Smoothie SelfieAs you have probably guessed – my something new part was the grapefruit! See I’ve never actually tried it before, I’ve always just heard mixed reviews but for seeing it in Co-op and picking it up thinking “may as well” – it turned out A-OK! It gave it a subtle kick – my mum could taste it more than me but it again altered the taste and made it turn into something new.

But now I guess after having both of my 2 smoothies today it’s time to go back on the tea. But smoothies are definitely helping me out with a detox! It’s the easiest way to keep eating fruit especially if you’re like me and hate the stickiness it leaves behind sometimes on your hands. They’re quick and easy to make and don’t have to cost a fortune to buy!


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