Smoothies For Breakfast Early In The Morning

So after going to the temple this morning and coming back and feeling like I can’t be bothered to have cereal or toast or anything solid food like, I decided to make a breakfast smoothie.

Now my craze of smoothies started after I started working at Fuel Juice Bars last year (now left) and that’s all I used to drink every day, 2-3x a day. I was hooked. But because every Tuesday I have to fast and am only allowed fruit when I break it, I gathered it was a good time to get back into making them again. And considering I’m not a massive fan of berries or bananas, I feel quite proud of myself for these!

My breakfast smoothie recipe:

1/3 tin of tinned peaches – about 5 or 6 slices
1x handful of blueberries
1x handful of raspberries
5 strawberries
1/2 banana
1x handful of red grapes
200 – 250ml of Cranberry & Raspberry juice
15 – 20g of Jordans Super Berry Granola (it has berry bits in it too but they add a kick to it)
1/2 cup of ice – depending on how thick you want it.


Blend it for around 15-20seconds or until all of the ice has gone and it’s ready! It was super tasty and really filling for the morning. Having the berries with the Granola premixed added an extra kick to it but it made it refreshingly tangy. Definitely one I will be making again!


Of course you can always change the measurements – the ones above make enough for a pint and a smaller glass! Are there any smoothies any of you particularly like or have made? Drop a comment below! 🙂


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